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  • How do I use Maxxable ?
    Once you have Maxxable clipped to your phone, all you do is slip your fingers through the key holes. Maxxable rotates 360 degrees so you can adjust the angle to suit your own needs.  You can use any fingers that you want. hold_landscape
  • What colors does Maxxable come in ?
    Maxxable is currently available in 2 color choices - white or black.  We hope to be able to provide other color choices in the future
  • How does Maxxable attach to my phone ?
    Maxxable is specifically designed to clip to your phone without adhesives or any other piece.  There is a unique clip for many phone brands and models. When you get your clip all you need to do is clip it onto your phone in a place that is comfortable for your use.  Remember, Maxxable is designed to allow you to use your phone with 1 hand
  • Can I use Maxxable with my case ?
    Maxxable is specifically designed to clip to your phone without a case. It's a fairly tight clip and won't fit over a case or bumpers.


  • Where is Maxxable Produced ?
    Maxxable is proudly made in the US. It was designed in Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL Produced in Bristol PA Assembled in Egg Harbor NJ.


  • If I order more than 1 clip, will shipping be combined ?
    Yes, we can and will combine your orders under one shipping charge and process assuming that they all are going to the same location. You can order different clips for different brands in one order.
  • How do you ship ?
    We ship all purchases via USPS since it provides for tracking numbers.  Your purchase should arrive in the Continental United States within 2-3 days from order.