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How to use Maxxable_old

How Maxxable Works

Maxxable is easy to use..

Instructions to attach Maxxable to your phone

  1. Hold your phone in your hand, facing you.
  2. Position the clip with one edge hooked around the phone approximately 1/3 of the way up.
  3. Press the opposite side of the clip to hook around the other side.

Note – you can gently slide the clip up and down to find the best place for your needs and comfort.  It is not designed to slide on and off.

How to Use Maxxable

  1. Once Maxxable is attached to your phone, simply pull the key ring into the upright position
  2. Slide key rings over your fingers to approximately the middle of your fingers.         (It’s not meant to go all the way down your finger)
  1. It should move fairly easily up and down your finger.
No need to push the rings over your knuckles, Maxxable is designed to be used with some looseness and with your fingers gently bent.

Your thumb is free to use the whole surface of your phone and you don’t need to have a grip around your phone.

Maxxable is designed to stay on your phone. If you need to remove it, you can either slide it off or carefully unclip one side then the other.