Protect your Phone & your Investment !

Our Story

The creation of Maxxable has been a dream and goal for me. Although I am a new entrepreneur,  I’ve always had a passion for business and thinking that one day, I really want to create and sell a product. Maxxable is the fulfillment of that goal.  It’s been challenging, fun and a great learning experience for me and those around me,  even if they didn’t want to hear me anymore.

Maxxable was truly a “light-bulb” kind of moment for me. I needed to be able to hold onto my phone.. and there wasn’t much out there that did that one simple task easily and without mess.

I built crude prototypes and attached them to my phone. Those steps helped me decide that whatever was produced needed to be unassuming and should blend in with the phone. I’ve been watching people use, hold, and sadly drop their devices for about 2 years.  At times, I’ve felt like a voyeur, but I needed to understand how they used their phones. I talked with strangers in lines, on the train, in the street and at the office about their phone usage. Asking, prodding, and cajoling info from them all for the sake of creating this device.

Maxxable is 100% proudly made in the US and is Patent Pending. Almost all of it was produced and assembled in the metro Philadelphia area. The design was partially done in Chicago.

I hope that you find it as useful and unassuming as I do… I’d love to hear how you use Maxxable. Please send me a note about your experience with it and I’ll publish it on the site.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you.