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Why Use Maxxable

Why Maxxable?

One day, while fumbling with bags and things in my hand on the train, I thought why wasn’t there something that allowed me to keep the phone in the palm of my hand so that I could use it without having to hold it like a claw.

I’ve watched people drop their phones while walking,  moving through crowds, while in line at stores, on the train, anywhere and there is always that gasp and thought….

  • Is it broken?
  • Did the battery cover fly off ?
  • Has the screen cracked ?
  • Did my earphones save the day and prevent the fall ?

It’s a sinking feeling.. you’ve spent a lot of money on your phone. It’s your lifeline – all your  music and contacts are on that one device. No one wants to drop or break their phone.. don’t let that happen to your phone..  Get a Maxxable clip to safely carry and use your phone. There is a clip to fit almost all of the current smartphones with new ones becoming available.  Keep your phone safely in your hand!

Read on for more frightening stats courtesy of SquareTrade and

“… a study found 11% of iPhone owners are currently walking around with a device that is cracked and 6% have taped up their iPhone as a solution.


iPhone Damage

30% of iPhone owners have experienced accidental damage in the last 12 months while 17% have damaged their phone more than once.


Accidental Phone damage from dropping is 10 times more likely than loss or theft.

Expensive Options

SquareTrades Smartphone Accident Survey indicates that American’s spent over $5.9 B on damaged iPhones in 2012 alone.

Water Damage

A 2011 study from mobile comparison website GoodMobilePhones has found that 31% of over the 1,900+ people questioned have had a water-related incident with their phone in the past.

According to, in their study of stolen or lost devices, every minute there are 113 cellphones missing or stolen.


The top five states for iPhone accidents are: Mississippi; New Mexico; Rhode Island; North Dakota; and South Carolina.

For iPads, the top five clumsiest states are: South Carolina; Mississippi; Nebraska; Washington, DC; and  Alaska.  

The top five iPhone accident scenarios according to the study are:

1. Phone dropped from my hand 96%
2. Phone fell into a toilet, a swimming pool or a lake 85%
3. Phone dropped from lap 75%
4. Phone knocked off a table 65%
5. Phone drenched by some liquid 55%
Don’t let your phone become a statistic – Get a Maxxable clip!